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Hops for people who say they don't like hoppy & Hop-head sessioning too! Review: The Little Spree - MacLeod Ale Brewing Company

This one proudly boasts that it is brewed in Van Nuys, California! Not very far from where we always like to rent a space to jam preparing for a gig when I was part of a 90's cover band, and not very far from where I live. Van Nuys is right next to L.A. so in my pursuit of local gems, I had to try this. This beer tops in at 4.3% abv so it's suitable for a session.

Note: Their bottled ales are vegan, their keg versions are not. I got mine at Whole Foods in the bottle-conditioned state.

Appearance: Fizzy and foamy as it comes out of the bottle and into your glass. The fluffy head dissipates rather quickly and at first can make a lot of noise as it hisses and cracks while the bubbles pop and release delicious aromas. A fine, creamy 1/4 inch head rests on the top of an extremely golden pale ale. It's very pale but still has enough brass to let you know you're drinking a craft ale. This is bottle-conditioned, so mine was perfectly fresh with a pretty "chill haze" as it came alive with big champagne-like bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass. copyrightbippsbeer

Nose: Strong banana peel and malt with floral, peach and citrus notes coming through from the hops. Fresh yeast gives it a freshly baked bread aroma.

Taste:Toasty, earthy, and herbal-Exactly what you would want from a session ale. I feel like I could be in a pub in London, but then again it has a certain character that is a bit better than that. I think the bottle conditioning made it taste like it came out of a tap which is awesome. I could only imagine what this tastes like from a hand pull.

Mouthfeel:Creamy with a clean watery mouthfeel at the end. It is creamy at first but doesn't linger and makes you want another gulp.

Pairings: You can't go wrong with British pub food like Shepherds pie or fried - anything. Fish and chips sounds awesome if you're not on a diet and live near a shore. This will stand up to a mild, yet hearty home-cooked meal. You could try this with grilled meats on a hot day.

This beer takes me to another time and reminds me of comfort food. I want my grandmother's recipe for a roast beef slow cooked in the oven with mirepoix, mushrooms, and potatoes along with some fresh rolls and my grandfather's recipe for pineapple upside-down cake. This next sip is for them!

I must take time out to say that this is an almost perfect beer. It is hard to find fault in it. I love it. If you're addicted to hops you might not go for it at first, but you will find joy in it. If you want to convert someone who may not think craft beer is worth it or that it can't be of better quality than what they've been drinking, then this is for you. Find some and enjoy it with friends or your favorite pastime.

The Little Spree / Yorkshire Pale Ale / 4.30% ABV/ Macleod Ale Brewing Company
Review: Final Score: 9.2/10

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