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Summer has been fun! Now, on to becoming a certified Cicerone!

Photo below is from a BBQ Bachelor party for my good friend where I got custom glasses from - Let them know Bipp's Beer sent you.


Did this year go by especially fast to any of you? Wow! Lots of plans for the coming months. I'm going to do a brewery tour of the Northern California area and hit up the usual spots that I've already been to like Russian River and Bear Republic and maybe add a few new ones. If you have any suggestions of breweries I should visit and blog about please let me know in the comments below.

I want to formally announce that I am planning to become a Cicerone by this time next year, and I'm even taking a stab at Master Cicerone by then. I am going to absorb myself in brewing and its processes and document the entire thing here and on video. Not to mention, I am going to showcase my current and newly found knowledge in marinating and cooking with beer and share that all with you besides the usual reviews and tastings.

These are exciting times indeed. It will be very time consuming and ultimately a big investment, but the payoff will be sweet. This will lead me to the career paths I have always dreamed of and give me the chance to cater to all of you in the future with awesome food and drinks served properly. I can see the "if you build it they will come" day approaching.

I hope you will enjoy following this journey and seeing where it takes us. I am going to do a couple posts about "micro" wine soon. I have a wine from Napa that is so unique that it must be reviewed and shared with all of you, and three beer reviews coming your way. Cheers, and thanks for loving hops and brewing as much as I do!

Christopher "Bipp" Rigali

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