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Review: Trappistes Rochefort 10 - Brasserie de Rochefort

If you've read my previous reviews you might realize by now that I am curating sort of a list of best beers on this site as I blog about them, and calling them reviews. I rate beers that are good. None of my articles have been written to bash a beer, but were written instead to tell you about something amazing that I love or something new that I’ve found. This of course makes it difficult to review some of these beers. The belgian ale I am reviewing for you today is definitely the pinnacle of that category. It is so far beyond world class that you can just consider this here for your enjoyment and delaying your time to try this for yourself. I am immediately a fan, and absolutely love the Trappist style already. This one is so complex it is almost savory and sweet at the same time. It’s beyond amazing and an original that has been long forgotten in today’s brewing styles. I am floored, and elated to present this to you. Thank you, glorious beer making monks. You have me chanting your praises!


Appearance: Very dark with a brick red hue and cloudy.

Nose: Intense strawberry and bright fruit punch with alcohol, eucalyptus, and pine cones.

Taste: This barely tastes like beer, but that’s what makes it so good. It’s very much like a fruity drink or a wine than a beer. World class.

Mouthfeel/Aftertaste: Creamy not very carbonated only a bit fizzy as you sip it, and very resinous with some cocoa and a fruity, peppermint aftertaste with almost bubblegum flavor.

Overall: This is by far one of the most interesting beers I have ever tasted. It is otherworldly and magical. It’s more like juice and leaning towards barleywine but has very little bite from the alcohol, with just enough for a little sweetness. It is uplifting and enlightening. The bite at the end is the only thing reminding you this is beer with some boozy aromas when you breathe out of your nose after a few sips, and the ever growing bite from deeply roasted malt that gives this beer its darkness. This is a new taste for me that is very easy to acquire. I will be coming back without question. The taste, the feeling… It’s time to go write calligraphy and chop wood, read about historical battles and speak to no one.

I would pair this with fresh pears, crisped onion, onion soup, dried fruits, grainy breads, fresh churned butter, and any dish with herbs and root vegetables. This would also go with juicy berries or a tomato, cucumber salad with crumbled cheese.

Overall score: 9.9/10

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