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Review: Power Plant Triple IPA - El Segundo Brewing Company

Triple IPA? Like a TIPA? What? You're going to actually do something like that on purpose? I can't wait! Ok, so if you haven't noticed I've been a bit obsessed with El Segundo Brewing lately, and I've found a few other breweries in the area that I'm going to share with you soon like Three Weavers. However, when you hear something like a TIPA being brewed nearby and that you could possibly get one that's super fresh there's really no way to pass that up. Especially when you're a Bipp. I'm writing this review on September 23rd and it has a bottled date of September 18th... Happy camper? I think so.

Appearance: Beautiful golden and amber as it pours with a shimmery coppery look at the bottom of the glass. Not very bubbly with only tiny cascading bubbles around the sides of my tulip glass. This rests with about a half inch fresh and fluffy head.


Nose: Wonderful tropical mango and super floral notes that you can get a whiff of about 8 inches from the glass. I get melon, orange and some bready notes as well. When you stick your nose in it you get a whiff of sweet alcohol. It almost reminds me of peach cobbler and fruit forward white wine.

Taste: The taste is very sweet but not barley wine sweet. The hops are strong but only strong enough to balance out the sweetness. I could stand to have this even more hoppy... I know that sounds crazy, but it is just that balanced. This is a 5 senses kind of IPA using so much nuance in every category and pleasing them all so much that there is really nothing off putting. The finish is dry with sweetness sticking to your palate. The only thing I can mention is how alcoholic it got toward the bottom of the glass. It honestly tasted of straight alcohol and fruit cocktail. Which, if you're down to party, can't be a bad thing.

Mouthfeel: A bit sticky but not too thick and chewy. This still had some refreshment to it which was shocking. You could drink it surprisingly fast but it's shy of being chuggable with medium body while being a little hot because of the high ABV.

Food Pairings: I paired this with a fresh and cool spicy tuna with avocado sushi roll and a salmon roll. The sweetness from the fish and soy sauce is accentuated in between sips and the wonderfully potent wasabi and ginger join the party. This beer pairs so well with the fresh cool flavors and the nose tingling spice of the wasabi that you'll completely forget that it's such a strong beer, and it sure beats Sapporo.

Overall: This has a healthy amount of hoppage for any hop lover. They put hops in the kettle and dry hop it as well so expect a lot of glorious flavor combination to come of it. It's beyond expectation but perfectly balanced and delicious to drink and smell. I would compare this to any of the top Triple IPAs and IPA style brewers in the country including Russian River and Knee Deep and put El Segundo at the head of the class for the moment. Please don't miss an opportunity to try this, and get it fresh!!!

Power Plant TIPA / Triple IPA / 11.1% ABV / El Segundo Brewing Company
Final Score: 9.7/10

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