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Review: Just Outstanding IPA - Kern River Brewing Company

The world has become a place for craft beer drinkers to relish in the fact that there is a competitive spirit out there in the craft beer world. Translation: You're going to get someone pouring their heart out to give you the best thing you've ever had so you come back for more. When I think of what Kern River is doing, I imagine a humble hard working and competitive brewery that uses only the finest ingredients and expertise, and it shows.

Appearance: The beautiful label on this beer makes me want to listen to Johnny Cash, or go on a bike ride. Pours golden but settles in the glass amber and clear. Looks incredibly fresh and delicious.


Nose: The nose is very floral leaning toward herbal. It smells like a garden, and very sweet with honey and floral perfume.

Taste: Hoppy and clean. This is almost a double IPA level of bitterness, but it's just enough where it will fulfill your hop craving, but it's still incredibly smooth and refreshing. This is an IPA that you can just sit and enjoy. You can drink it fast but you won't want to. This tastes like tarry pine with fresh fruit on the finish, almost kiwi/cucumber with citrus. A really refreshing verdant taste that can only come from this Simcoe and Amarillo dry-hopped beauty. Absolutely incredible.

Mouthfeel: A little sappy, more than some, but that's what you want in a delicious and Outstanding IPA. This will make you come crawling back for more after it coats your tongue.

Overall: Honestly, just go pick this up. Any hop head needs this beer in their life. You could have this beer on a lazy Sunday, after a hard day's work, or on Taco Night if you're experienced enough. The best IPA that I've reviewed so far.

Just Outstanding IPA / India Pale Ale / 6.80% ABV / Kern River Brewing Company / Review: Final Score: 9.5/10

Christopher "Bipp" Rigali

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