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Monkish Brewing - Beer Tour of Torrance Preview

Torrance is an area south of Los Angeles with a growing reputation for amazing craft beer. With Smog City, Phantom Carriage, and The Dudes’ to name a few, Torrance has put itself in the category of awesome overload with well over 10 awesome brewing establishments to visit in the vicinity. Grab a designated driver and tour as many as you want in one day!

Before I publish my extensive upcoming article, I wanted to notify all of you of Monkish Brewing. Basically all I can say is GO NOW if you love great craft beer. The things they are doing here are beyond phenomenal, and by far exceeded my expectations. Check it out!!!

Go to: Monkish Brewing Tasting Room for a complete list of their current beer available in their tasting room.

Pictured below are the Damfino IPA and Shadowboxing dubbel, but I can honestly say that every beer I tried was complex yet refined and subtle. Pistachios and coffee in the brewing process? I had an excellent time. The staff is friendly and have pride in their beers. The brewery itself is small and you can tell each batch is made with the utmost care. Make your way to this brewery today and hit up the others in between. Did I mention that The Dudes’ have a rauch beer to sample? Torrance, you look good! Check out the list with descriptions from what Monkish had to taste during my visit. Stay tuned for a more in depth article ranking the best of Torrance!

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