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Make Your Nose Happy! Review: Hammerland DIPA - El Segundo Brewing Company

It's rare to find a DIPA with such vision and desire to give you pure pleasure.

El Segundo has always been on the map for me since the Lakers practice facility is there. The ocean views have now been graced with an amazing brewery to give you another reason to visit.

Appearance: This comes out of the bottle very lively with a head that builds and releases slowly. It shimmers in the glass with a golden honey hue. copyrightbippsbeer

Nose: The bottle itself boasts, "Bright, Clean, Crisp, Blueberry dankness squared.... exactly what you'd expect with a hop bill of Mosaic and Simcoe." which is absolutely insane. Immediately as you pour it, you can notice a yeasty richness that contributes to the bold blueberry notes. Take a big whiff as you get fresh spice, apricot and pine along with citrus rind. This is a prism of beauty for your nose. Close your eyes, and take it in. World-class.

Taste: This is a kick in the mouth. The bitterness is very forward and will slam you in the face but doesn't overwhelm the citrus and honey notes. The blueberry comes through but this is a hop/alcohol party for your mouth. Take a few whiffs and watch your favorite surfing videos to relieve the harsh to your mellow. OR The Home Run Derby and some Lakers Summer League like I'm about to do.

Mouthfeel: The bitterness is slightly astringent and coats your mouth with a slightly tarry feel and medicine like finish. The flavor makes up for it and is very "yin-yang" with the nose, so this mouth feel makes food pairing easy.

Pairings: Spicy, vinegary, tart, and bleu cheese; This is your best bet for some hot wings and spicy tacos... refresh your nose from the piping hot vinegary hot sauce and dip a celery stick in some bleu cheese....then get that blueberry dankness back in your face from your tulip glass. If you make the wings yourself, use my favorite: Crystal, Louisiana hot sauce. Leave comments if you want me to post my recipe!

Overall: This is a dangerous and fun DIPA. It has a lot of gusto in the hops and the nose and will not take you out. You will want to keep shoving spicy food and cheese in your mouth and watch the sun go down, but at 8.6% I'd commend you for drinking two. What I mean is most DIPAs will have a lot more body and depth in ways that this one doesn't. This makes it unique, but if you can't get past the aroma and taste contrast you might think the flavor is too hoppy. This is very light bodied and is sharper than most DIPAs in its class. I hope that makes it more unique and therefore appealing to try. Put this next to a Pliny or a Drink By and you will see a huge difference. On a level of quality, this hits every mark.

Hammerland DIPA/ Double India Pale Ale / 8.6% ABV / El Segundo Brewing Company/
Review: Final Score: 9.5/10

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